Android Tutorial

Create Multi Window App in android for Nougat

Android Multi Window is the most awaited functionality of android Nougat. Here we will create a multi-window demo application. For testing of Multi Window Application, you must have a device or emulator running android nougat (Android API Level 24 or above ). You can watch the demo of Application here.…

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2 Line EditText in Android

How to create 2 line EditText in android? It is quite easy to create the two line EditText in android, you just have to add few lines of code for this. A simple example is as given below. For showing two line EditText at starting it is simple tricks of…

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Right Way to create Splash Screen in Android

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create splash screen without creating splash screen activity. Splash Screen is the screen which you show before the start of the application. What happen some time your application have lots of coding stuff on your main activity and its take lots of…

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