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Top 10 Android Development Resources & Tools

People especially newbie wants to know different tools, training, resources and services available for Android Development. I personally faced this problem and spend lots of time to find each one. As a result, I’ve put together a list of Top recommended Android Development Resource and Tool that I’ve either personally…

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Create Animated Video thumbnail in android

In this tutorial, we learn how to create animated video thumbnail of any video. At the time of loading, the animation is very useful for making the good user experience. Here, we will use glide for loading the Video Thumbnail into ImageView.  Glide is very easy to use the library…

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Create Multi Window App in android for Nougat

Android Multi Window is the most awaited functionality of android Nougat. Here we will create a multi-window demo application. For testing of Multi Window Application, you must have a device or emulator running android nougat (Android API Level 24 or above ). You can watch the demo of Application here.…

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