Creating a Cross platform Mobile App with Flutter and Dart

Creating a Cross platform Mobile App with Flutter and Dart

Whenever we create a mobile application, we want our app to be compatible with as many different devices as possible. For Android, this means designing for devices with a range of hardware, software and screen configurations, but if we want our app to reach the largest possible audience, then we have to move beyond Android and make your app available on other mobile platforms as well. For example, you have to create an app for the android device but later on you have planned to target your app for iPhone and iPad then you need to port complete code to IOS and that is not an easy task, its required huge time and effort even for maintenance. Every single code change needs to write for both platforms. So in this post Creating a cross platform Mobile App with Flutter and Dart we are going to learn how to develop an application which runs cross the platform, i.e the same code base can be used for Android and IOS both.

Installing the Flutter and Dart Plugin in Android Studio for Cross platform Mobile App Development

We will start the tutorial with the installation of the all required plugin and SDK. To start the development of the cross platform we need to install the following two plugins.

  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • Flutter SDK

So go to File->Setting->Plugin and click on browse repository and search for Flullter.


Once you selected the Flutter plugin then you will be prompted to install the dart as well, click ok and install both plugins. When promoted take restart of the Android Studio.

After this, we have to install the Flutter SDK. So go to File -> New – >New Flutter Project

Select Flutter Application and click Next, you will notice that Flutter SDK is still not installed. So click on install SDK or provide the location of the SDK if it is already installed. Type the suitable project name and then next -> next.

Now our project has been created.


Testing the Hello World App

We can test the app by just starting the AVD from Tools menu from Android Studio Menu Bar, as by default when you run the app it will not provide you option to start the AVD. So we have to start it manually. Once started to connect device will be available. So Just click on the run once AVD is booted. You will get the screen like given below.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, getting started with Flutter and Dart in Android Studio for cross platform Mobile App is not so difficult, it’s quite easy, Yes? Will coming soon with next tutorial… keep tuned.

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