Create Custom EditText View in Android

We use the EditText for taking the input from the user and use it at several places in our project. We required to do lots of customization for each time and there are lots of redundant code we write. Writing and managing these redundant codes is very difficult for example if we want to change the look and feel of the view them we need to modify it at each place where our EditText is getting used. So to avoid these kinds of the problem we can create our own Custom EditText View by just. The EditText view is just an extension of the TextView with lots of editing option and properties that required for the user input.

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Using Room Persistence Library for SQLite Database

Using Room Android Architecture Components for SQLite Database management on Android device. Room is a Persistence Library which provides an abstract layer over SQLite Database. Using Room we utilize the full power of SQLite database without any compromisation with performance. Even it provides several benefits over using the SQLite database with API and plain SQL query.

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