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Quick Setup of Android Google Cloud Firebase Storage without background server

Google Cloud Firebase Storage is a good option if you are looking to store your files online without any background server and retrieve it later. In this Tutorial, we are going to implement a very simple android demo app in which we will learn two things. How to upload the file to Google Cloud Firebase Storage. How to Download the file from Google Cloud Storage. 1.Project Setup for Firebase Storage Create a Project with the name of Firebase Storage Demo in Android Studio. Click on  Tool-Firebase. Click on Storage. Click on Upload and download a file with Firebase Storage. Login to Firebase Console and add your app and follow the steps suggested. Enter your project name same as it shows in your project. Download the JSON file and store inside your app folder of the project. Configure your project as given below and the below-given configuration as advice. Project-level build.gradle ( <project>/build.gradle ): buildscript { dependencies { // Add this line

Showing Native AD in Recycler View Android

Showing AD to our application are one of the best ways to generate some revenue from your app.Show here we are going to implement a native AD to our application. But we before that it is better to have a look at the Google Ad Policy and Recommendation . If you want to learn more about why native ad then can do some googling, In short I can say that native ad is more impressive and make more impact to user. In our earlier tutorial we have create a Video Gallery app today we will learn how to implement native ad to our Video Gallery app. Video Gallery Demo app were available at Google Play store  you can check out it so you have an idea before going to work. Creating a AD is an easy steps but putting at right place is an art and you have done some experiment on this to display the ad at right place in your app. But real question is that what we required to implement the new ad to our application. We required two things as given below. 1. You need to create account on admob . 2. You also