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How to create Image and Video Thumbnail in Android

There are many method and Library are available using which you can load the thumbnail of the video and Image file, but as per my experience Glide is the best solution for loading thumbnail, whether you are loading from Internet or loading from local SD card. Many of the application are using the Glide library for loading the Image and Video thumbnail. You May Like:- You can download the Glide Library from here  and alternatively, you can include the library directly in your app using Gradle. One option to download the jar file also from Glide release page .  If you are downloading the library then you have to place the library inside your project bin folder. Also Read:- How to Create Video Gallery App Using Recyclerview Step by Step Guide to create option Menu in Android Here we are going to work with Gradle as its simple to implement w.r.t other methods. In this example, we will create an activity and place one