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Getting started with Android Development in Kotlin

Kotlin is the language using which we can use to create the app for mobile application. Kotlin is well supported for Android development and supported with Android Studio.

It has several benefits over java. However, some drawback is also because it is just beginning of Android  App development java so we have very less tutorial also.Table of Content

  1.  Setting up the environment

  2. Setup Project in Kotlin

  3. Create Hello World App and test

Step1: Setting up the environment for Kotlin in Android Studio

First of all, we have to setup the development environment for kotlin. So follow the as below given steps to setup the same.

  • Open Android Studio

  • Click on File

  • Click on Setting and type 'plugin' in search box

  • Click Browse Repository

  • Type Kotlin as given in below in search box

  • Select kotlin and click on Install, it will take some time and install the plugin


  • Click ok and apply

  • Restart Android Studio

Well done you have done with environment setting.

Step2: Setup the Project

Click on File and then click on New Project but not create any activity, select add no activity.

Given a name to your Project like here I given HelloKotlin.

3. Create your first Kotlin Activity as main activity

Right click on your root folder of your project as given in below screen shots.

Click on New-> Kotlin Activity and select the Activity Type from option here I am using Blank Activity. Your Activity will get Created but you saw an error saying that it is not configured.

Click on Configure and select the options Android with Gradle, then select the appropriate option and press ok.

Finally, Click on Sync Project.
When you try to run your app then you might get the error saying the default app/activity not set so for that you can click on setting and setup the default app and modify your activity in AndroidManifest.xml file as given below.

<activity android:name=".MainActivity">
<action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />

Now Test your App you and check the working of the app. It will look like as given below.


  1. […] time of wiring this tutorial we have Kotlin Pulgin version 1.2.10.  You can check out the “Getting started with Android Development in Kotlin” if you have not setup the plugin […]


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